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rr jones

Photographer in Residence


A brilliant fine arts photographer, Ron Jones’ rich portraits taken across Indonesia, Thailand, and Mexico have distinguished him as a Santa Cruz treasure. For more than a decade, Jones has been the Festival’s photo documentarian, and as our Photographer-in-Residence we continue to feature his incredible work on display in the lobby of the Civic Auditorium throughout the Festival season.

Jones was born in Houston, Texas in 1949, and moved to Santa Cruz, California in 1986, where he continues to make his living as a photographer. Jones has works in permanent collections including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Denver Museum of Art; Santa Barbara Museum of Art; Center for Visual Art at Stanford University; University of California Santa Cruz Special Collections; and the Center for Photographic Art at Santa Clara University. In 2001 Jones was the recipient of a Gail Rich Award, and in 2005 was the subject of a one-man show at Santa Cruz’ Museum of Art & History.

“My life has led me on the usual twisting roads and forked paths that characterize most people’s lives. Like any photographer who has been working for 30 years, I’ve been through various stylistic permutations as my own voice has evolved. Though I’ve made thousands of photographs through the years, both in my life as a commercial photographer and in my life as an artist, it’s always the portraits that survive the editing process and seem to become part of my life. I want my portraits to be as clear and unmediated as possible. By meeting people, interacting with them, and allowing them to reveal themselves to me, each in a unique way, I can offer a glimpse into the life of another through the visual language that marks each individual’s face.”