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Sat. 8.3 & Sun. 8.4 | 11am-5pm

Gardens of Santa Cruz City Hall
Corner of Church and Center Streets

Welcome to Cabrillo Festival's "Creativity Tent for Kids"—two full days of free hands-on music and art workshops under a big compy canopy in the gardens of the Santa Cruz City Hall, Saturday and Sunday, August 3rd and 4th!

The Creativity Tent is just one of the exciting components of children's activities at the Festival; others include our innovative Free Family Concert and free family performances on the Church Street Stage! All workshops are free; children and their families can stay as long as they like and enjoy!

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Saturday, August 3

MORNING WORKSHOP (11:00am – 2:00pm)

Music Together Family Music Workshop
Sing, dance, play instruments and have fun making Music Together! All ages will have the chance to be playful and engage with each other through music and dance. This is the ultimate in family music-making fun!


Drawing and Painting – Carmen Leon
This workshop involves drawing with oil pastels, then painting lightly with watercolors, unveiling the delightfully unexpected aspects of this mixed-media “resist” method. Carmen combines gentle guidance and inspiration from nature to encourage free expression and exploration of the physics of her technique.

Printmaking – Jennifer Cordery
Using a sheet of Styrofam and a pencil, here’s a quick and simple way of making prints with great results. After the pencil drawing is pressed into the foam, colored printing inks are rolled over with a brayer. The drawing is then transferred onto a piece of paper, and can be repeated in various colors.

Didgeridoo Making – Kathy Pearson
Surrounded by inspiring samples of Australian Aboriginal art and music, children will decorate their own didgeridoos, using paint and oil pastels. Drawing ideas will be taken from examples of Aboriginal dream-time designs and young people will walk away with a beautiful playable instrument.

Sunday, August 4

MORNING WORKSHOPS (11:00am – 1:00pm)

Paper and Pastel Mandalas – Carmina Eliason
Starting with black paper and a large circle for shaping a mandala, kids then use bright colored pastels to decorate the meditative patterns. Patterns can be traced to create the mandala or kids use their imaginations to freeform it, as simple or complex as they wish!

Cut-Out Collage Clarinets– Noelle Correia
Participants draw an instrument using marker on recycled cardboard, cut it out, then decorate it with collage and paint, using provided images for reference. Younger visitors can use precut instrument shapes for the base and then have the freedom to collage and paint and play away.

Didgeridoo Making – Kathy Pearson
While listening to Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo music, children will decorate colored tubes with oil pastels. Drawing ideas will be taken from examples of Aboriginal dream-time designs and young people will walk away with a beautiful playable instrument.

AFTERNOON WORKSHOPS (2:30pm – 5:00pm)

Solar Systems – Claudia Stevens
Botanical illustrator Claudia Stevens will lead children in the creation of their own fantastic charcoal solar system, using provided reference materials and a brief lesson on the structures of the skies. Watch their minds expand as they explore the limitlessness of space!

Watercolor Kites – Susana Terrell
Children of all ages are invited to use the beauty of nature as their inspiration in making small paper kites. After paint is applied to the artist’s delight, the kite is folded and assembled, ready to take to the skies!

Recycled CD Scratch Art – Emma Garcia
Young artists are given a cd that has been pre-painted black, which they can scratch away the paint to create an image of their choosing from the rainbow reflection below!  Younger kids can start with a general outline of an image or pattern so they have a starting point. Hang them in a sunny window for maximum shine!